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Hardware failure

I was self hosted for several years. My server was a small dell laptop running OpenBSD. I was happy running a blog, a twtxt μblog, my writer homepage, some git repos with gotweb as a frontend and other personal litle things.

But this is the end, boom is dead on July, 3rd. Nothing else can replace it. Just kidding, I just don't have anything to replace it. I am offline, period!

I was thinking about bying another refurbish server and making boom alive again.

But, does it really worth ? Maybe I can use someone's else computer ?


Game Of Trees (GOT, GOTWEB)


I want something simple with strong libre values. So, Github was my first choice. Mouaouaaahh, no, no, no, never :P

SourceHut is using email as its primary way of communication. There is no javascript. You don't need a bloated web browser to use it. All can be done without leaving Emacs \o/

SourceHut is not just a powerfull git repo. You can host some static pages, a gemini capsule, some mailing lists, .... Just take a look for yourself.

The founder of SourceHut is Drew Devault. For me, he is a very competent person with strong libre values. I trust and respect him a lot, no matter what haters can say. I can pay for what he is offering with pleasure.


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