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In Artix GNU/Linux[1] with Xfce, the network is managed by Connman[2]. The default setup is to use your ISP DNS resolvers. This is generally the case for all others OS and network managers.

I live in France. French ISP must follow state guidelines. In others words, if the state don't want you to visit a website for whatever reasons, they ask your ISP to put this website on their unreachable list. Then, you will think that this website is down whereas it is just "hidden" from you.

So, to bypass this censorship, you have two ways:

The easy and quick way

The easy way is to change the defaut values of your network manager, here Connman. So:

You will find something like: (IPv4 primary local box ISP adress)
2a11:cb19:67c:5710:969d:79ff:fecd:10a (IPv6 primary local box ISP adress)
2a11:cb19:67c:5710:969d:79ff:fecd:10a (IPv6 secondary local box ISP adress)

Make the changes with, for example, the Quad9 settings. Keep in mind that the choosen DNS provider will see all your requests (it is alreday the case with your ISP): (IPv4 Primary DNS)
2620:fe::fe (IPv6 Primary DNS)
2620:fe::9 (IPv6 Secondary DNS)

Hit the "Apply" button. Disconnect and reconnect from your wireless network and voilà, you're done. You can reach websites where babies are eaten!

Some DNS resolvers

Providers   IPv4              IPv6
Quad9           2620:fe::fe


Mullvad      a07:e340::3

FDN      2001:910:800::12

Google           2001:4860:4860::8888
(don't)           2001:4860:4860::8844


Artix Linux[1]



OpenNIC (Looking for an open and democratic alternative DNS root? Concerned about censorship?) (global list of all DNS resolvers providers)


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