Twtfeed, make your twtxt file an ATOM feed



Twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.


This script is to let people follow you without having to use a twtxt client. A simple RSS/ATOM newsreader is ok.


First, I was using an AWK script written by prx:


This shell script depends on GNU AWK and on sha256 (bsd) or sha256sum (linux). I wanted to make it depends on only one thing: perl without any modules ;)


Moreover, I wanted to use a configuration file to make it easier for everyone.

So, the script is hosted on a GIT repository:

twtfeed at SourceHut

You can clone it:

git clone

Or download the tarball:

wget -c

Then the installation is simple. In the twtfeed folder, run:

sudo make install

This will install the script and the man page. To use it, you will have to copy the `twtfeed.cfg` config file in $HOME/.config/twtfeed/twtfeed.cfg.

Fil the variables to fit your need:

# twtfeed configuration file

# Author's name
$nick = "Tom Marvolo Riddle";

# Link to your online twtxt file
$url = "https://the.chamber.of.secret/twtxt.atom";

# The ATOM feed title
$title   = "Avada Kedavra";

# where is your local twtxt.txt file
$twtfile = "$PATH/to/twtxt.txt";

# where is your local twtxt.atom file
$feedfile = "$PATH/to/twtxt.atom";

Run 'twtfeed' and voilà!

My twtxt file

The ATOM feed


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